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Online security is getting more and more important. And security starts with a strong password but how do you remember a strong password? Easy Password Tokenizer was made for just that. It turns your easy to remember password into a strong tokenized password. Try it out today!

Still using an easy to remember password? Hackers can also guess these passwords with little effort. A strong tokenized password is what you need. So how to turn your easy to remember password into a strong password? Easy Password Tokenizer does just that!

Your girlfriends name and birthday don’t work anymore.
Having a strong password is becoming more and more important every day. Those passwords are almost impossible to remember unless there is a personal touch to them which makes them vulnerable for attack. What if there was a way to remember a simple password and turn that in a strong password? If this sounds like something you are looking for you should download and try Easy Password Tokenizer!

What is a strong and secure password?
The best and most secure passwords are made up of random characters. Easy Password Tokenizer creates these for you. All you need is to fill in a password that is easy to remember for you and the number of characters you want for the password. Easy Password Tokenizer creates a strong secure password from that. Different lengths give different results so yet another hurdle for people who try to guess your passwords.

No data is saved
There are a lot of password solutions out there but most of them save passwords in a central place behind a master password. You essentially outsource your passwords to these solutions. If the website or app you use has a vulnerability or gets hacked you still lose all your passwords.
Easy Password Tokenizer does not save anything for you. All you need is an easy to remember password and it will generate the strong password for you.

For Example
Lets assume you like dogs and need a 7 character password. The word dog and the password length of 7 could give a strong password looking like this: A%7g#2K . The password you created here is very hard to guess.

If you want a different password for the different websites you could use the websites name and extension as a way to get a different outcome. In the example we used dog as the easy to remember word. Lets assume we want a strong password for the website www.example.com . If we take the first letter of the website name and the full extension we then could change our word to dogecom which is much harder to guess by people and still easy to remember by you. This addition gives a strong password which is different for every website you use. The second website you use could be www.google.com. This would make your word doggcom which would give you a different outcome.


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Easy Password Tokenizer
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