YouTube monetization update February

YouTube monetization January
As I mentioned in my previous article about YouTube monetization, I will provide a regular update about my statistics to give you an idea of the progress a single YouTuber without a large fan base gets. I do not do a lot of marketing but try to upload videos on a weekly basis.

YouTube Monetization

YouTube monetization January statistics
I started out on YouTube in January (2018). Had a lot of ideas and thought I could make them into short videos and maybe get some payments out of them. Making videos takes a lot of time so if they gain some revenue it would give me more time to make them.

Panzer General 2 Madrid Offensive

Panzer General 2 Madrid Offensive
The panzer general is a windows game from the 90’s. I enjoyed playing it a lot and want to share my campaign with you. I am making a short video for every campaign. Suggestions are welcome in the comment section…