YouTube monetization update February

As I mentioned in my previous article about YouTube monetization, I will provide a regular update about my statistics to give you an idea of the progress a single YouTuber without a large fan base gets. I do not do a lot of marketing but try to upload videos on a weekly basis.

My channel has a few playlists with all their own subject. Currently I have three playlists:

YouTube monetization Deboma Playlists

Apps and Games
These are videos of the apps I developed myself.

Drupal 8
A few video tutorials on developing websites with Drupal 8.

World of Tanks
Videos of Gameplays of World of Tanks.

So in January my statistics looked like this

YouTube monetization January

The key statistics for January being
Views 417
Watch time 203 minutes
Subscribers 0

For this update I also have the statistics for February

YouTube monetization February 720p

The key statistics for February are
Views 941
Watch time 464 minutes
Subscribers 0


Watch time203464

As you can see the statistics have improved in February but still a long way to go for monetization.
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