World of Tanks – German Tech Tree - Tank destroyer – Jagdpanzer IV – Ensk


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See how this German tier 6 tank destroyer does in battle. This gameplay is of a Jagdpanzer IV German tank destroyer on the Ensk battlefield. On this playlist we try to show gameplay videos of all the tanks in the German tech tree. When I started playing World of Tanks I had no idea what the tanks I was trying to go for played like. I started looking up tank gameplays after a while but I could not find a place with the complete tech trees. So here we are, trying to collect them ourselves. New videos will be added weekly so if you want to be informed when they come out please subscribe to the channel.

History of the Jagdpanzer IV
The Pz. IV medium tank served as the basis for many vehicles, including tank destroyers. At the end of 1944, a version of the 75-mm PaK 42 L/70 gun was prepared for this basis. The new variant of the vehicle was designated the JagdPzIV/70. From August 1944 through March 1945, the Nibelungenwerke company produced 278 vehicles of this type.

Unlike most other tank destroyers of its tier, the Jagdpanzer IV is not optimised for sniping at long distances. Its guns simply do not have the penetration for that purpose. What it does have is a ferocious rate-of-fire with its two top guns, excellent mobility, and a low and stealthy profile. It also has fairly decent frontal armor for its tier as an added bonus.

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