World of Tanks - German Tech Tree - Heavy Tank – VK 168 01 Mauerbrecher – Erlenberg


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See how this German tier 8 heavy tank does in battle. This gameplay is of a VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher German heavy tank on the Erlenberg battlefield. On this playlist we try to show gameplay videos of all the tanks in the German tech tree. When I started playing World of Tanks [WoT] I had no idea what the tanks I was trying to go for played like. I started looking up tank gameplays after a while but I could not find a place with the complete tech trees. So here we are, trying to collect them ourselves. New videos will be added weekly so if you want to be informed when they come out please subscribe to the channel.

History of the VK 168.01 Mauerbrecher
In the summer of 1942, Porsche received an order for a breakthrough vehicle with the most powerful armament and thickest armor possible for such a class. VK 168.01 was a further development of the Mäuschen project. The main difference was in the frontal placement of the turret. Existed only in blueprints.


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