YouTube Monetization update March

Another month has passed so it’s time for an update on the YouTube progress. I haven’t been very active for the last 4 weeks so progress is slow. Recorded a new video today about YouTube monetization (you can view it here) and have two more ready to record. I read a lot of articles on YouTube and the main thing that keeps coming back is the importance of a regular upload of new videos. So for the coming two months I will try that and see if my channel performs better.

So lets go to the numbers. Below is a screenshot of my channels statistics for the month March.

Youtube monetization march

As you can see despite me not being very active the second half of March, I still got a little increase in views and view time.

The key statistics
Views 1142
Watch time 586 minutes
Subscribers 2


Watch time203464586

The statistics have improved in March but still a long way to go for monetization.
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